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What is 64-Corp?

64-Corp is a curated marketplace for deals in 64-Asset classes with experts ecosystem.

64-Corp is built for

Vertical 1

Investment Strategies for Ultra High NetWorth Individual & Institutional Investors - Invest / Exit

Vertical 2

Growth Capital / Startup Capital Scouting for Private Companies and Startups

Vertical 3

Streamlined Asset Management for Alternative Investment Funds/Family Offices

Vertical 4

Business Growth / Networking Ecosystem for Bankers, Advisors & Deal Makers

Why 64-Corp?

Algorithms Weaving through about four verticals giving space of 64 cubes

Cube 1

Demand Supply Engine (DSE) - Deal Making Curated Deal Scouting and Algorithmic match engine

Cube 2

Data Engine (DE) - Virtual Deal Diligence with information / document sharing and anytime, anywhere access

Cube 3

Control Engine (CE) - Colaboration tools for Deal Management for structuring and closure, governance & portfolio monitoring, integration with 3rd party apps

Cube 4

Consult Engine (CSE) - Professional marketplace for execution with on demand deal advisory, bespoke deal support, trusted expertise


64Corp is an online marketplace that's changing how you invest

What's a sixtyFour ? 64Corp is a basket of 64 asset classes intelligently weighted to reflect an investment theme, market insight or innovative trend. Choose from one of our professionally built 64s' , customize, or design your own. Then buy your sixtyfour in just one click.

Find your

64s' Search our 64s' for insights or trends

Add, remove, or modify

our 64s' weighting to your liking—or build your own 64s' from scratch


Buy your 64s' in a single click for just $---- total commission

Investing isn't new, but widespread access to it is. Professional and high-net-worth investors have been successfully investing around a central theme, trend or trading strategy for decades. With sixtyfour , now anyone can take a great insight and turn it into a great investment.

$ --- total trading commissions — as low as $ ---- per investment done Great balance of targeted exposure and cost control

Explore our 64s' categories

At 64Corp Investing, we offer over 64 professionally designed asset classes built around 8 investing strategies, including industry sectors, income generation, trading philosophies, global markets, values-based investing, and asset allocation approaches.

Our team of investment professionals use insights from the world around us that is being shaped by trends like globalization, resource scarcity, disruptive technologies, and changing consumer preferences and distills them into 64 asset classes .

The result is unique investment options for 64Corp investors.

Trade a professional 64 as-is, modify it, or turn to our community—where investors built and add to 64 within 64s' — for inspiring ideas to inform your own investment themes.